[na okładce: Rob Sato]

Audycja, dziś o 21:00. Podsumowujemy poprzedni rok, wspominamy jeszcze wcześniejsze.


odsłuch: część 1część 2

set Marcina:
Duchess Says – Inertia, Pt. I
The Hunches – Got Some Hate
Thee Oh Sees – Dead Man’s Gun
Death Valley Girls – Love Spell
The Limiñanas – El Sordo
Lumpy & The Dumpers – Huff My Sack
Angry Angles – Can’t Do It Anymore
Kid Congo & the Pink Monkey Birds – Chicano Studies
Danny & The Darleans – I’m Right Here
King Dude – I Wanna Die At 69

set Karola:
GR – Altostratus
Uranium Club – That Clown’s Got A Gun
In School – Cement Fucker
Good Throb – SCUM
Neutral – Samma
Puff! – Too Tired to Run
Terminal Cheesecake – Mr. Wipey’s Daytrip To Guilford Haven
Anxiety – The Worst
Spray Paint – George Finally Shows Up
Gate – Caked

set Marka:
The Cramps – Human Fly
Big Black – Passing Complexion
Midnight Mines – After Dark
Harry Pussy – Fuckology
Flying Saucer Attack – Standing Stone

Rachel’s – Airconditioning/A Closed Feeling
The Fall – Flat of Angles
Steaming Coils – Loosen Love Sick The Shamrock
The Bilders – Magpies
The Magic Carpathians Project – Water on the Hill Ultimate
Michael Hurley – Moonman Newfie
Danny Oxenberg & Bear Galvin – I Believe in You

The Garbage And The Flowers – Love Comes Slowly Now (live)

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