[okładka: Susanna Bauer]

Jedna z ostatnich audycji na mixlerze. Nie mamy pojęcia co będzie grane.
odsłuch: http://mixlr.com/porfirion/

godzina pierwsza:
Cave – HLD 2
Cave – Hunt Like Devil
DMBQ – Small Hours
Acid King – Silent Circle
Gary Wrong Group – St. Theo
Plastic Crimewave Sound – What Goes Up
The Mountain Movers – No Plans (fragment)
The Electric Bunnies – All The Pretty Girls Have Gone To The Beach
Kevin Ayers – Song From The Bottom of a Well
Doug Ashdown – Something Strange

Milk Music – Effigy

odsłuch: mixlr.com/porfirion/showreel/ppt6-piesn-ziemi/

godzina druga:
Quickspace – The Lobalong Song
Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 – 23 Kings Crossing
Happy Jawbone Family Band – I’m Not Gonna Bleed Here 4 Yr Mercy Any Longer
Pixies – Manta Ray
The Mantles – Lily Never Married
The People’s Temple – You Don’t Know (Just Where I Been)
Henry’s Dress – (You’re My) Radio One
Hawkwind – Upside Down
Intelligence – Saint Bartolomeu

Tronics – Shark Fucks
Moonhearts – Drop In Drop Out
Matt K Shrugg – Show Down
Taco Leg – I Can’t Decide
Axemen – Reign O’ Seeds

Billy Green – This Must Be the End

odsłuch: mixlr.com/porfirion/showreel/ppt6-cz-2-snieg-w-maju/

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