PPT #15: there, around the corner (2020-06-23)

Dog Lady Island – Nocturne Op. 9, Nr. 1
Chie Mukai – Nami No Hate
Saskia – Eeuwig Op Reis
After Dinner – Glass Tube
Cluster – Charlic
Call Back The Giants – Call Back The Giants
Deux Filles – Silence And Wisdom
Hontatedori – Hazy Wind from the Moon
Free Magic Show – Telegazeta
Neutral – Brott
Korea Undok Group – Afternoon Blue
Keiji Haino – 赤い靴 (Red Shoes)
Crawl Unit – Wake Up You’re Alone
Idea Fire Company – Heroes Of The Last Barricade
Richard Youngs – The World Is Silence In Your Head [edit]

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