PPT #21: i am owed an oath (2020-09-15)

BRANDY – (Wish You Was) Madball Baby

The Globs – What is The Sound of Nothing?
Dark Thoughts – Identity Crisis
The Dead Milkmen – I Walk the Thinnest Line
Functional Blackouts – Looking Good On The Way Down
Felchers – Who’s Gonna Fuck Your Mother When I’m Gone
True Sons Of Thunder – These Days
UTAH JAZZ – Growin’ Stuff
King Brothers – Paint It Black
Ty Segall – Feel
Obnox – Broke Socialite
Hüsker Dü – What’s Going On
The Intelligence – Mute Me
Dan Melchior and P.G. Six – Exhibit A
Wiry – Bez Głosu
Gary Wrong Group – Floods Of Fire
Neurosis – Misgiven

Thee Headcoats – Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot

Grafika: Anthony Eslick

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